EMR-EMT Hybrid BRIDGE Course




EMR-EMT Hybrid Bridge Course


MN Board Peace Officer Post approved. CES is obtained with classroom attendance.


Courses are:
Day and Weekend sessions. See the Online Calendar for scheduled dates and times.

*Students do not need to be 18 by the end of the course. * New NREMT age changes.

This course is for EMRs to reinforce their current status and to gain more knowledge about becoming EMTs.

Students will be taught to recognize, safely assess, and effectively manage crises and patients of an emergency nature encountered in the field pre-hospital setting. EMTs can work in areas such as Ambulance drivers, Emergency departments, clinics, EMS teams for Fire, Police departments, Event work, and Transportation drivers.

EMR-EMT Bridge Course includes:
1. AHA BLS CPR course in class
2. Pearson Online program with eText, Multimedia, quizzes, flashcards, audio text, and code is available for 2 years. You can access MyLab BRADY from Blackboard Learn, Bright Space by D2L, Canvas, or Moodle.
3. 52+ Classroom and clinical hours with experienced EMTs and paramedics.
4. Clinical experiences in a variety of settings
5. 2 attempts of Fisdap or equivalent Pre-test for the NREMT test
6. Psychomotor skills exam
7. A SAVE A LIFE polo shirt for class sessions and clinical shifts.

Additional fees:
1. Required classroom uniform: SAL polo, and or white short/long-sleeved dress shirt. EMT black or navy dress pants. EMS boots or black shoes for the classroom.
2. Clinical uniform: Every student is required to wear SAVE A LIFE polo, EMT, or 511 pants, and EMS boots.
3. NREMT exam to be paid at the examination station of your choice. $80-100. Exam Type: Computer Adaptive, Questions: 70-120, Time Limit: 2 hours.
4. A paper textbook can be purchased for an additional fee.

When students have completed all required coursework of 52+ hours of Classroom, 60+ hours of Online coursework, Clinical experience, Passing of Psychomotor skills, and a passing score for the Pre-test, Fisdap, or equivalent. The course is 112 hours and the current EMR = is 160 hours.

The student will receive:
1. Eligibility to take the National Registry’s Emergency Medical Technician exam. home,pearsonvue.com/nremt
2. After passing the NREMT exam you can fill out an application for the Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board Certified valid for 2 years.

*Attendance/Cancellation policy and terms and conditions must be read and signed before being accepted into the program.

Bring to class day 1:
1. A current copy of your EMR Certification card.
2. Laptop to redeem your eCode for the online and eText.
3. If the AHA BLS CPR card is current please bring it to class; then you will not need to complete our course.

A kitchen is onsite and restaurants are in the area.

This course is held at our Training Center:                                                                                        SAVE A LIFE Corporation                                                                                                        1557 Coon Rapids Blvd Suite # 200 Coon Rapids, MN.  55433