Lifesaving Education /Event Medical Emergency Services Team

Are you interested in saving people’s lives? And have pre-hospital training as an Athletic Trainer, EMR/First Responder, EMT, Paramedic, CMA, Nurse? Then call SAVE A LIFE 763-576-8146

All our contractors are current in their Certifications/License, CPR/AED and carry Professional Liability Insurance.

Each person had an interview and had to pass a skills interview to work with us and our team.

They have all put in many hours of a volunteer as well as paid experience with our preceptors in the event arena; in addition to their regular duties as Fire, Police, EMT, and Paramedic work for an ambulance, hospitals and many different departments.

Every SAVE A LIFE contractor is clearly identified with a uniform and professional attire at all times and every event. They have the ability to wear separate uniforms depending on the venue and the desire to be seen or just in the background in case of emergencies.

Medical supplies, signage are brought to each site, venue by every contractor. And signage of their area is recognized by all if assistance is required. A PCR report and or patient contacts tally is completed at each venue on patients.


Please click to download the application if you are interested in Lifesaving Education.

This is on call, per diem contract work. It can be a few hours per week or several hours. The hours will vary and each contractor can pick their hours and locations of the jobs.

The majority of our clients are in the Minneapolis /St Paul Twin Cities, and Metro area but some events are outside of the local area and may involve traveling within and/or out of the state of Minnesota.

We are always looking for qualified medically trained professionals who have a passion for providing the best possible first aid skills and education. If you’d like to train people how to respond to medical emergencies with EMS education classes, providing First aid training, or providing all levels of CPR instruction, we would love to hear from you.

We find our emergency training very rewarding and we know you will too.

Already a CPR or First Aid Instructor? Work with SAVE A LIFE and become one of our expert educators. To find out more about SAVE A LIFE and which programs we currently use, see ours About Us page.

In addition to EMS education, we provide Event Medical coverage for organizations and venues like Cirque du Soleil, MYAS, Arabian horse shows, all types of sporting events, Monster Race Series, LMAA Football, Zombie Pub Crawl, and many others.

We work with Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, and other health care professionals that have experience working a variety of events.

If you would like to work in a variety of settings and assist many patients, please fill out the application and send it in.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to give us a call 763-576-8146 or Contact Us