Psychomotor EMR/EMT Skills (Retesting 1 Station)




EMR/EMT  Psychomotor Skills Testing  Re-test Station

This is psychomotor skill testing for students who have completed the online and in-person EMR and EMT courses.

State examiners will be performing the NREMT-required testing skill stations.

The fee includes testing and a retest (2 x’s) for 1 station.

You can add however many you need to complete your skill testing for EMR and EMT.

Our Training Center provides a professional and comfortable atmosphere that allows the students and testers proficiency and ease for the exams.

  1. Please bring a copy of your  EMR/EMT completed course certification.
  2. Please get in touch with the office at 763-576-8146, if you will be attending the test;                         so we can prepare the examiners.

Please add the course date to the MEMO with the payment

We are located at:

1557 Coon Rapids Blvd NW Suite # 200
Coon Rapids, MN. 55433