1. There will be No Refunds of tuition if you are dismissed from the program; do not meet the program requirements, or you drop out of the program without notice.

2. Students who withdraw from a class up to seven (7) days or more from the start of the class will receive a refund, if no codes have been redeemed. If codes have been redeemed the amount of the code and administrative fees will be subtracted from the total paid.

3. A student who withdraws from a class less than seven (7) days from the start of the class will not receive a refund. The student has a maximum of 6 months to redeem the fees with another course.

4. Once a student receives their ONLINE code it becomes the property of the student, and the school does not accept merchandise returns nor make refunds for redeemed ONLINE codes.

5. Refunds are based on the last date of verifiable withdrawal and refunds will be issued within 30 days of notification of withdrawal.

6. If SAVE A LIFE cancels your course, it is refundable and/or transferable to another course date within 6 months. After 6 months it cannot be redeemed.

Please Note:

If you register for a course, you are responsible for payment whether or not you attend. Do not assume you will be withdrawn from a course if you do not pay. Refund appeals will only be considered for the following extraordinary circumstances:

  • Illness documented by a physician’s certificate
  • Administrative error by the school
  • Military transfer documented by a copy of transfer orders

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Refund Policy. VA educational benefits qualifying students under the VA will be afforded reimbursement directly from the VA under the current policies and guidelines set forth by the VA. Upon a change in enrollment status, the school certifying official will notify the VA in writing. The VA will then make a determination of tuition paid to be reimbursed to the student or money to be paid back to the VA for failure to complete the program of study. If the VA has partially paid the school or the student directly for the tuition, it is still the responsibility of the student to satisfy any remaining balance of tuition not covered through VA educational benefits. Credit Transfer Policy American Professional Educational Services does not accept transfer credits for any of its training programs.