Emergency Medical Technician EMT Refresher Course




EMT Refresher Course

**Must be a current EMT to take this course. No practical skills psychomotor stations, scenarios, and hours only.

This course is based on EMS Education Standards that will govern the way we learn and practice EMS. This course meets the current American Heart Association guidelines for CPR and ECC.

The Emergency Care 13th edition is the most current selection of EMS practice and shows what EMS systems and EMT’s are doing around the country. However, we must always follow our local protocols.

EMT’s are a member of an organized emergency medical services team. They Recognize, Safely assess and Effectively manage crisis situations and patients of an emergency nature encountered in the field of a Pre-hospital setting, Emergency
Departments, Clinics, EMS team for Fire, Police departments, Event work, and Transportation drivers.

The course will be covering the NCCP Model and receiving 20 hours NCCR and 4 hours for the LCCR/State. LCCR/State balance of 6 hours and ICCR 10 hours will be obtained on your own.

National CE credits can be obtained thru:
https://24-7.hsi.com; Conferences; local training, educational courses and https://www.boundtreeuniversity.com classroom Free CE credits

EMT Refresher course includes:
1. NCCP Model: NCCR 20 hours, LCCR/State 4 hours
2. Ability to obtain additional CE hours towards the NREMT
3. AHA BLS CPR course valid for 2 years
4. 24 hours of classroom lecture and skills with EMS Instructors
5. *Attendance/Cancellation policy signature required

Additional fees:
1. NREMT Renewal Fee: $20.00 https://www.nremt.org/rwd/public/document/emt-recert
2. $55.00 to purchase https://24-7.hsi.com Course online for additional CE’s, access for 1 year.
3. A textbook or eText can be purchased if you do not have one from your original EMT course.

Required before enrolling:
1.  https://www.nremt.org/rwd/public – Renew your account
2.  http://emsrblm.mn.gov – Follow prompts of yes/no. sign in and fill out EMS application for new or refreshing certifications.
3.  http://training.fema.gov/is/nims.aspx – FEMA certificates requirement for all new and refreshing students. Do the sections of 100, and 700. Print off both certificates and bring to class. No testing of practical skills if this is not completed. If this is already completed just bring in copies
4.  https://www.train.org/cdctrain/course/1091456/ -Click on the Online concussion training and then hit the Launch to start the course. When you have completed the course it will give you a certificate. Bring this to the class.

Please add course date to the MEMO with payment